Is Taoist Soap a Natural Product?

We’ve received many queries and forum posts asking whether the Taoist soap is a natural product due to its efficacy being on par with pharmaceutical drugs such as minoxidil, so we thought it is best to address the question here and give more background on the production process.

is taoist soap a natural product

The Taoist Soap is a 100% natural soap, paraben and sulfate free, without any fragrances or essential oils. The only ingredients are rare virgin earth, a blend of several ancient Daoist herbs including Daoist salt and a natural base for lather. It doesn’t contain any minoxidil or other chemicals to increase blood circulation and reduced inflammation.

We understand that natural doesn’t always mean safe or good for your skin as many brands seem to boast, which is why the ratios of herbs and their synergy (interaction with each other) is carefully understood and tested by our scientists. It’s not simply about adding all the ‘good stuff’ when it comes to herbs as you need to account for various skin types and conditions to prevent side effects.

How is it Made?

The production process is just as interesting as the herbs it contains as it takes 8 weeks to make from start to finish. Once the ingredients have been blended in the correct proportions, which is a key aspect of the soap – it is molded into the proper shape and allowed to dry.

It then undergoes a drying process before it is lightly packaged. We intentionally curb our carbon footprint by using minimal packaging which is 100% recyclable, but also protects the soap in transit to our customers.