How to Use Taoist Soap – Taoist Soap Instructions

The Taoist Soap is a powerful blend of powerful herbs that works to reduce inflammation and stimulate the hair follicles to improve blood circulation. But the first step to utilising the benefits is understanding how to use it.

Taoist Soap

How to Use the Soap

To begin with, apply the soap 2-3 times a week, using a small amount of lather and massaging on to the affected areas. It is best to allow your skin to adjust to the soap for the first few weeks and then you can apply as necessary. This can be anything from daily use or whenever you feel increased inflammation on the skin.
Remember, because it is designed to fight inflammation, it works just as well on the face as it does the scalp.

If you are applying to the scalp, then be sure to add scalp massage into the mix for a few minutes during application. Unlike other commercial brands, you don’t have to leave it in your hair, a minute or two in the shower is plenty!

Many mistakenly apply the soap lather on their hair which is not the most effective and direct route to alleviate the inflammation. As it is the hair follicles that are being treated as opposed to the hair strands, it may limit the effects of the soap. Therefore, try to apply directly to the scalp and not in the hair.

If you feel any kind of skin irritation from usage, then reduce the frequency and volume of application until your skin can adjust. If you are concerned, the taoist soap community is always available through the forum to ask questions and get advice which is of course also monitored by our specially trained team.


Is the Taoist Soap Safe?

The Taoist Soap is a 100% SLS and paraben free soap, used with only natural ingredients. It contains no harmful or harsh substances and has been extensively tested to be suitable to use on all skin types.