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    I don’t if you guys remember but I posted on buying a bar of taoist soap in September last year but I wanted to clarify a few things before purchasing. ANYWAY, fast forward a few months and I’m finally seeing new growth now!
    So awesome, I’ve really tried everything I could online; minoxidil, natural DHT blockers, hair growth shampoos but I started losing hope.

    These guys at taoist soap support really gave solid advice on other things I should be doing to see growth so you should definitely contact them once you order your soap as they all work great in conjunction :) Will try to post pics laterrrrrrrr



    Thats so great! Really is a euphoric feeling when you see results of your efforts.



    Thanks for sharing! Glad it worked out for you.



    Tbh that is why I’ve been a loyal customer till date. Their post sale customer service is immense compared any other cosmetic/hair company I’ve bought from.


    jay singh

    Congratulations, may ask what other advice they gave you? I’ll send them an email as well but I’d be interested to know since I don’t like waiting.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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