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    I just thought i would post some results here since I have been using the taoist soap and emu oil shampoo for the last year and have great results.

    I have regrown some of my hair, and it has stopped falling further. My diet is mainly protein (lean) and exercise 3-4 times a week for at least 2 hours in one go.

    I also do scalp massage, which I feel is the reason of the regrowth after the taoist soap stopped inflammation on the local area. The shampoo helped keep it conditioned as emu oil does, but I made sure it did not have an added fragrance of any kind as i was told this is bad for your hair, natural or otherwise.

    Def a big thumbs up to this soap, i don’t understand why this is not on the news and medical news sites. I don’t need to go ahead with my hair transplant anymore, which saved me thousands of pounds.

    Thank you!

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