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    Hi guys,

    I thought i would post my review here since it would be helpful for others thinking about buying the taoist soap.

    1st week: I used the soap 2 times a week. My hair fall was still aggressive and has been for months.

    3rd week: by around this week, my hair stopped falling by at least 40% or so. this is what impressed me about the product and started to trust the support team a bit more. they told me about scalp massage and i started this right away.

    7th week+: at this time, my hair falling reduced by 95%, hardly any hair fell out even in showers and shampooing times. And I feel the results were due to the Taoist soap, combined with daily scalp massage as recommended by the support of taoist soap. I did 30 minutes of scalp massage everyday.

    I know these results are not applicable to everyone, and some people may be seeking regrowth. My hair already looks so much thicker and better than it has ever done. But I want to review this aspect of the hair growth at a later stage for many reasons.

    I would recommend the soap, but i think people need to wake up and realize that you have to do other things towards the end goal. such as scalp massage and possibly improving diet to carb/fat/sugar free at least for some period of time (so lean meat diet with leafy greens is great).




    Thanks for the review. I have been using the soap for months, and don’t think will be stopping any time soon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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