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    i have terrible red skin, and pimples, can the taoist soap help with this? and how do i apply?




    Why do you have the pimples, do you know?

    yes the taoist soap will help with that but you need to check if this is hormonal, and if it is then i strongly suggest you go on a lean meat diet and stop eating carbs and sugar, as you could have a hormone imbalance, and this diet helps fix this.



    Yes but you have to do more than just use a soap. for mild cases, it will help fully, but severe cases, you need to do more things to get to a solution.


    Idalee you should probably look to see whats causing the severe inflammation on your face. It could just be acne from teenage hormones (if youre a teenager) but still, there is usually some common lifestyle pattern that is causing it to get worse


    I mean I am a teenager but I don’t anything out the ordinary from my friends and their skin seems to be ok??



    Hate to break it to ya mate, but not everyone reacts the same way.
    Your class mates might be perfectly fine after a bag of crisps, but some people react with pimples from high salt.
    Others react badly from too much sugar, it all depends on how your lifestyle, habits and genetics currently are so you cant use them as a comparison.
    Eat as clean as possible, drink plenty of water, exercise every day and 9 times out of 10 you’ll notice the symptoms will disappear.


    alright thanks….but what about that 1 out of 10 times, that could be my situation cos i feel like ive tried that stuff?



    Well just make sure you ACTUALLY tried all of that (and at the same time too!). If not, then it is possible its a more serious thing causing acne such as hormones.
    But try above first ^^^

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