Benefits of Scalp Massage – Increase Blood Circulation in Scalp

Scalp massage is a technique that goes as far back as the ancient civilisations in India. When people began to understand to basics of human biology, Aryuvedic practitioners used scalp massage as a tool to maintain blood circulation in the scalp. Though this wasn’t always for thick, luscious hair, it has certainly gained popularity for that in recent times.

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What are the Benefits of Scalp Massage?

Massaging the scalp stimulates the blood capillaries to push more blood through them and help break down any arterial plaque over time. This provides the hair follicles with more nutrients from the blood so a greater oxygen supply as well as the necessary vitamins and proteins to grow and rebuild.

Benefits of scalp massage include:
– Thicker hair strands
– Increased hair growth (per square inch)
– Faster hair growth
– Better quality hair strands
– Reduces stress

Coupling scalp massage with the powerful properties of Taoist Soap not only aids the delivery of anti-inflammatory substances in to the scalp but reaps the benefits faster.
Scalp massage on its own is a slow and steady process of maintaining good blood flow but does not counter-act inflammation/damage to the scalp and hair loss.

Is there any Scientific Evidence?

Only fairly recently was this potent tool tested in clinical trials. It tested scalp massage on 9 Japanese males over the course of several weeks, where they massaged one side of their temple for 4 minutes daily; the results showed significant improvements in hair thickness.

However, there were some limitations in this study which prevented the full effects from showing which we hope the scientific community continues to test.

Firstly, scalp massage was only done for 4 minutes a day which is not long enough for proper stimulation, especially if it’s your first time stimulating your scalp in any way. Some individuals have more blocked capillaries in their scalp than others and this wasn’t controlled for.

Secondly, it was done over the span of 24 weeks. Whilst this is a good enough time to see change and potential of scalp massage; as mentioned before, it is meant to be a constant practise where a small amount daily goes a long way.

Lastly, the subjects were told to massage only one area of the scalp which is not as useful as massaging the whole area. The blood capillaries are a network and focusing on one area can limit the desired effect.

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How to do Scalp Massage Correctly?

Simply use your finger tips to massage all around the scalp for at least 5 to 10 minutes daily. If you are using the Taoist Soap with the scalp massage then 2-3 minutes is sufficient.

It is important to massage the complete scalp and not just ‘affected’ areas, especially the back of the head. Most people leave that area because hair growth is usually good. However, as the capillaries are network of vessels throughout your skin, ensuring that there is good blood flow throughout amplifies the strength of scalp massage.

Some even use scalp massage devices although it is not certain whether all devices provide the some thorough stimulation and depth our own finger tips can.

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